"There is an honesty to Valerie Orth's music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking.”

- San Francisco Chronicle


A prolific songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Valerie's Brooklyn-by-way-of-San Francisco-influenced music is unique and authentic. Integrating live instruments with electronic sounds, her newest project, “Wake You,” carries the upbeat production and warmth of Sylvan Esso, the unexpected rhythms and percussion of Tune-Yards, and the dark vocals and trippy-ness of Portishead.


Valerie is a captivating performer, usually backed by her full band while singing addictively and playing electric guitar and Ableton Live’s Push. Her often-metaphorical lyrics are as spell-binding, and are steeped with palpable images. 


Her songs take you on a journey through relationships and obsessions, yet Valerie is an activist at her core. Call-to-actions are even sprinkled throughout her lyrics: “make your move,” “get up, come and make some noise,” and “ask…knock, I’ll open up.”


She’s actively involved with Female Frequency, a collective dedicated to empowering women and girls in the music industry.